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How Do You Know If Your Ductwork Needs To Be Replaced?

Bridge City Duct Cleaning provides Residential and Commercial Duct & Furnace cleaning in Saskatoon. Our team is professionally trained, qualified, bonded, and factory-trained furnace & duct, cleaning technicians. The question often comes up for older homes, how do you know if your ductwork needs to be replaced, that is the question we are going to answer today. 

How do you know if your ductwork needs to be replaced?

The ductwork helps keeps your home cool in Saskatoon’s warm summer months and warm during our frosty winters.  It channels airflow from HVAC into the locations of your home when you need it most. So what are the signs to watch for: 

1. Uneven Temperatures

One of the key things to look for when something in your ductwork starts going bad is unusual temperature fluctuation. What does this mean? If you find the temperature in one room of your Saskatoon home is consistently colder than normal or overheating then you might have tears in your ductwork causing an improper flow of air.

2. Low Air Flow

Is too little air flowing through your central HVAC system? How do you know if this is the case? Bridge City Duct Cleaning professionals can perform a blower test to see if enough air is flowing through your system. A blower test forces air into your ducts to measure how much air is transferring out, noting any issues and will be able to recommend a repair or just a good cleaning.

3. Dusty Home

Do you find that the air in your home smells like something is burning when your furnace ignites? Dirt and dust can enter the main system inside your home when your ductwork has an issue. When there is a problem with your ducts, your system may not be able to filter out allergy-causing particles. Cleaning or repairing the ductwork in your home leaves you with less chance of getting a cold or flu. Viruses can spread easily due to the particles flowing up through your central HVAC system and into your lungs. You will also find that removing debris from your ductwork will help eliminate dirt and dust so your home stays a lot cleaner.

4. Loud Ductwork

Do you hearing rattling and loud noises coming from your furnace vents? You may need to have your ductwork checked. Sometimes it is because your kids have hidden their hotrod cars in the register, other times it is because your ducts are clogged up from years of dust and debris. Instead of dealing with this noise constantly, get your ductwork cleaned, serviced or repaired. Your ductwork should be doing its job quietly in the background, keeping a constant flow of air throughout your home.

Even if you don’t suspect anything wrong with your ductwork, it is good to have your furnace and vents cleaned annually, contact Bridge City Duct Cleaning Services today to have them review your situation.

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