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August Home Maintenance Checklist

Bridge City Duct Cleaning provides Residential and commercial duct & Furnace cleaning in Saskatoon. Our team is professionally trained, qualified, bonded, and factory-trained furnace & duct, cleaning technicians. In our latest article, we discuss your August Home Maintenance Checklist.

August already, the nights are getting longer and the days are shortening.   You’re getting your family ready for the fall routine.  As you look around your home you think there are a few things I should do before it turns cold.

Here is your August Home Maintenance Checklist:

Check Your Dryer Vent

Summer seems to be when your washer and dryer are used a bit more than usual.  Now is the perfect time to check your dryer vent. Check out why dryer vent cleaning is essential to keeping your home safe and clean.

Prepping your Furnace for Winter

With the nights becoming longer and cooler there is the thought, should I turn on the furnace or just add another blanket to the bed?  Before turning on the furnace consider the thought when did you have the furnace tuned up last?  With our utilities bills having gone up over the last year, now may be the time to have it looked at.

Weather Proofing Your Home

Take a look around your home, especially your doors on a bright day, are there places you can see outside?  If so, you need to consider adding new weather stripping to these areas.  With the new weather stripping being applied, it will help keep the cold air out during the winter, and the warm air in summer. Preventing drafts helps  keep your utility bills lower, but it also help keep your home free of pollen which means your air ducts are kept cleaner.

Home Maintenance Checklist

If you have any concerns, with the August Home Maintenance Checklist, give Bridge City Duct Cleaning a call.  A maintenance call is must less expensive than an insurance claim.

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